Granule Packing Machine

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    Frozen Food Bag Packaging Machine
    Both the vffs machine and the weigher have the IP 65 water proof cabinet to prevents the electronic components from damage due to humidity.
    Both the film pulling and the horizontal sealing are driven by servo motors;
    Photo cell tracking eye mark, full alarm functions;
    Quick change former & film, no need any extra tools;
    Perfect weighing accuracy performance by the weigher;
    Air pressure system built in cabinet prevents the electronic components from humidity damage,
    The weigher takes the dimple plate for food contact parts;
    Solid sealing and packaging quality,
    The general similar machine has "frozen shrimp packing machine", or " dumpling pouch packing machine" , or " meat ball packaging machine".
    The type of the frozen food pouch packaging machine is suitable for weighing and packaging frozen foods, such as frozen fishes, fruit, frozen dumplings, rice dumplings, etc
    The whole frozen food packaging machine system as following:
    Z bucket feeding machine;
    Fourteen heads weigher for the frozen food;
    Weigher platform;
    vertical packing machine;
    Output conveyor
    Optional: Metal detector , Rotary collecting table,
    Nitrogen Generator, Air compressor.
    The general Working Processes:
    Feeding and Conveying by the Z bucket conveyor—Weighing and filling by the weigher –Date coding, Forming, Sealing and cutting by the VFFS packaging machine--Finish bags Conveying by the output conveyor
    The main technical parameters of the main parts
    Part one: the main packaging machine
    Measuring rangeMax 6000ml (2kg)
    Bag modelPillow bag
    Bag sizeL 100-350mm W80-250mm
    Film WidthMax 520mm
    Film pulling byservo motor
    Horizontal sealerDriven by cylinder
    Control+HIMPLC + Chinese/English interface touch screen
    Air consumption0.8Mps, 0.3m3/min
    Power1Phase,50Hz ,AC 220V, /4.0KW
    OptionalTop hanging hole Punching, Nitrogen charging
    Part two: the dimple weigher
    Max. Cap.(g)10-1000g
    Weighing Accuracy(g)±0.2-1.5g
    Max. Weighing Speed65Bags/Min
    Hopper Volume1600 ml/2500ml
    Control Panel7"LCD Touch Screen
    MaterialDimple surface stainless steel 304
    Driving SystemStep Motor
    Power220V / 1000W / 50/60HZ / 10A
    DimensionL1680 ×W1100 ×H1200mm
    Weight380KGGranule Packing Machine

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